You’ve selected the photographer you’d like to work with & have discussed your interior design or architecture project….but perhaps you are having a hard time envisioning exactly what types of shots your photographer will take? When I approach photographing interiors I think of it similar to the design process of a residential home or commercial building. The process would begin with planning the overall design first and work their way down to the finer details. Wide & detail shots in architecture photography both have their own unique benefits! They can be used together to create a visual story of an interior space. These images can be achieved by using different lenses or focal lengths to zoom in on details or zoom out to get more of the space in the shot.

Wide Shots

I call this the “anchor shot” because it will give the viewers a sense of the overall layout and design of a space. It is important to note that I do not recommend capturing spaces TOO WIDE as it causes a few issues. Using an ultra wide lens too close to a subject causes distortion which will stretch out elements and walls creating unrealistic shapes. The interior will look like a fun house and we don't want that! Bonus: A wide shot will also give you lots of opportunity for talking points in IG posts or blogs. 

Detail Shots

I love capturing detail shots, and my clients love them just as much! These images can really tell the story of the space. Detail shots are great for highlighting unique features and isolating textures, patterns, colour & decor. They can be medium to tight views. In this example we really wanted to showcase the beautiful pearl tile, which isn't as impactful on the full room view. These types of images can be very versatile in your marketing because you can use them in a variety of places for fillers or backgrounds on websites & brochures.

Scroll the gallery below to see some examples from past interior design projects showcasing wide & detail photos.

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Design credits:

Banner image: ABW Design

Side by side images: Stacey Price Design

Slide images: Stacey Price Design, Amy Springle Interiors, Twig + Timber Interiors, Keyserlingk Design / Crossford Construction