How would you describe your style of photography?

My approach to interiors is to accurately represent the space with focus on colour, texture & dimension. It is important to me to have spaces feel natural, even when artificial lighting is incorporated on many shots. My post production process is detailed and meticulous so your spaces will look polished and clean.

How long does it take you to photograph interiors?

Interior photography is a slow paced, detailed process. Adding/subtracting light, adjusting decor, & determining composition are just a few of the steps I take before the photo is even captured. Full day sessions are common for this type of photography. This is to ensure every aspect of your photo is perfect.

How many photos can you create in one day?

This varies greatly from project to project. For a residential design session generally I am able to create eight to 20 photographs in a full-day. Staging, styling & adding models to a photograph can certainly elevate images, but it will affect the number of images I can create. Spaces with low natural light may also need a little extra help with artificial lighting and this takes additional time while on location. One way to describe my approach to interior photography is quality over quantity.

How can I lower the costs of an interior photography session?

A great way to maximize your budget is to cost share! Cost sharing allows multiple parties to license images from the photographer from one session. Costs of the licensing + photography session can be split between any and all relevant parties involved in your project. This practise will also alleviate the need the need for each trade to find & hire a photographer. The other parties will receive the same licensing terms & final photographs. For each additional party, an extra 30% will be added to the total cost of the shoot. The more businesses you have involved with one session, the more you will save! Coordination regarding shoot day/choosing of images/retouching feedback would be designated to one party. If an interested user ultimately chooses to not be involved in cost sharing with you on the project, they can purchase images individually at a later date after the shoot has wrapped; however it is more cost efficient to be included initially in the shoot & to have access to the whole batch of final photographs from our shoot.
Example: Total cost of shoot $2,000 + $1200 for two additional parties (3 total) $3200
Each licensee pays $1,066 You save over $900 by getting some other businesses onboard!

Do I own the images that you create for me?

Under Canadian law, all photographs are owned by the photographer. Licensing photography from the creator is the industry standard method for how artists sell their work for marketing purposes. This license means you have obtained permission from the photographer to use the photos in agreed upon formats. I create custom licenses to fit your marketing needs & budget. Social media, website, editorial, print collateral & digital ads are just a few examples of how your business may want to use the images. Think of it this way; when you purchase a song on iTunes you do not own the song, you have only purchased the rights from the artist to listen to it for personal use. It is important to know how your business may use the final images in your marketing plans so we can create a license that works best with your needs and budget. There is a variety of media included in each interiors package to get you started so you can use the images right away for your marketing!


I have interior photography packges at the ready that include everything you need to get your marketing plan started. After we have a consultation call to discuss your project, I will create a custom estimate for you. Interior sessions are based on half day/full day rates. Use the contact form to say hello & book a discovery call. Tap here to get in touch!

Photography Services

Residential Design

Photography within residential spaces or cottages. Perfect for Interior designers, architects, stagers, stylists who would like to showcase their work.


Commercial Design

Photography for office spaces, restaurants/hospitality, retail stores. Ideal for architects, engineers, commercial interior designers.


Image licensing

Did you recently see your product or work featured in one of my photographs? Easily upgrade your website or social media by purchasing a license to use images for your marketing materials. *subject to availability


Vacation Rentals

Improve your occupancy rate & drive your revenue with high quality photography for your listings! Airbnb & vacation rental photography in Ottawa & surrounding area.


Lifestyle & editorial portraits

Mini portrait sessions available to add on to any interior photography package. Show who you are and what you do!


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