Collaborating with other creatives is one of the most rewarding aspects of being an interior design & architecture photographer. Projects are months and years in the making, so when a client places that trust in me to capture their work, it is a joy to take on the challenge to make it shine. 

When working with a new photographer, the first few sessions will be focused around getting to know each other & learning how you work together as a team (while getting some great photos!). Before any interior session I send a what to expect on session day guide so each client has a general idea of the steps we will take throughout the day to make it as efficient as possible. Interior photography is a slow paced, detail oriented process. It is important to remember each project will be vastly different & may take more or less time depending on many factors. If in depth staging, adding models or pets is required for a shot, this will elevate the image but may effect the amount of photos we can create in one day. If a space is more challenging to capture from a photography perspective, this will take additional time for each shot. There will be a lot going on during session day on location and sometimes it can be easy to forget a feature that you really wanted to showcase. I recommend clients create a shot list for the first few shoots until your photographer can get a sense of your preferences.  Each photographer has their own process. If you have used one in the past for your projects, their process may be completely different to your new photographer. Some photographers will work quicker and capture spaces and include many final photos. Others may capture only a few shots due to the in depth process. Make a list of what is important to you when searching for a photographer, and ask questions when you connect with them!

If you are still searching for a photographer here are some great session day questions to ask:

  • Walk me through your process when you photograph a space
  • Do you shoot tethered? (Camera view connected to a laptop or iPad) 
  • Will you allow me you to look at each shot after you set up the composition? 
  • Will you shoot with the lights on or off?
  • How long will each shot take you to capture?
  • How many images can I expect in my package?
  • How many hours coverage does my package include?

Photo with Candace Plotz Design