Preparing an Airbnb home for photography is essential to attract potential guests, highlight the best features of the home, create a positive first impression, and set realistic expectations for guests. Tidying up and decluttering the space, arranging furniture and decor, and ensuring cleanliness can make a world of difference in the photos. By doing so, you can make your home stand out and help it look more inviting and comfortable. Photos are often the first impression guests have of your home, and it's crucial to make a positive one!

Staging & Decor

I recommend that the areas you stage are the parts of the home that people get most excited about and where they envision spending their time. This might be in the outdoor area, or living room (where the relaxing happens!) Set the scene for them. An idea could be to bring wine glasses & a set up charcuterie board. Fresh flowers and a few extra blankets in the living room can also help with creating a mood. Your favourite parts of the home will most likely be your guest’s highlights as well. A nice bouquet of fresh flowers adds warmth and a pop of colour to the photos. With this being said, it is important to remember when adding decor & textiles to not add too many essential items that will not be provided during their stay. If you include luxury shampoo or soaps in the photos for example, guests may expect this.

Prep List

“Ok so what do I need to do exactly before my photographer arrives?” Don’t worry I got you! Here is a checklist that you can refer to when prepping your home.  Remember, if you can see it, so can the camera! Mop, vacuum, polish & dust. Throughout the entire home ensure to tuck cords out of sight, hide garbage cans and open blinds. 


  • Wipe counters & clean backsplash
  • Shine appliances & sink
  • Clean hood-range
  • Clear counters of everything but a few small appliances that guests will want to see. (Typically coffee maker, toaster, and other specialty appliances)
  • Remove photos & magnets off of fridge
  • Dust & spot clean glass
  • Organize open shelving 

Living & family room

  • Wipe coffee table + surfaces
  • Straighten couch pillows
  • Add some items to coffee table for aesthetics. This may be books available at the property or a candle.
  • Vacuum couches + floors
  • Remove family photos or personal items
  • Hide remotes 


  • Clean counters, sink & cabinets
  • Clean Mirror
  • Polish fixtures
  • Close toilet lids, remove plungers & toilet brushes
  • Clean shower and/or bathtub
  • Steam shower curtain if it is wrinkly 
  • Straighten or replace old towels
  • Refill shampoos & soap dispensers 


  • Neatly make bed & dress with fresh linens 
  • Fluff pillows on bed 
  • Ensure curtains are in working order / rods are straight
  • Remove personal items from nightstands 
  • Wipe screen free of dust


  • Remove leaves & debris on walkways & yards
  • Remove trash cans, salt bags, tools 
  • Set up patio furniture with cushions 
  • Ensure inside of sauna’s are clean with white fresh towels added
  • Display kayaks, paddle boards 
  • Park vehicles away from house or inside the garage
  • Store seasonal decor 
  • Ensure BBQ is squeaky clean or remove it from sight

More tips!

  • Turn lights off for your session (my preference!) Artificial lighting will add unwanted yellow or blue colour casts. If you have a room with no windows, your photographer will use flash or adjust the lighting accordingly. Natural outside light shows best in the photos and sets realistic expectations of how the spaces feel. 
  • Open all curtains and blinds fully- both slats open and fully retracted. If they are broken or won’t align, repair or replace.