Last month, I travelled to beautiful Montreal, Quebec (about 2 hrs form Ottawa) to photograph an interior design project with Amy Spingle Interiors. This project had been planned for awhile so we were both very excited to capture the transformation. If you don't know this about me already, I am a huge lover of vintage decor, antiques & heritage homes so needless to say...I was pumped. Before every shoot I ask clients to send me site images so I can get a feel for the space and plan out our day. Amy had sent me a ton of photos and I was very excited to capture the stained glass in the kitchen, large custom china cabinet as they are very unique features. Amy did a seamless job at incorporating new design elements & textiles to this space, making it feel true to the style of the home. I had a pretty good game plan going into the day, and knew supplemental lighting would be needed since it was a pretty dark winter day in Montreal. We started with the kitchen/dining with some nice full scale shots to show the space and then broke it down into some styled vignettes. The large cabinet holding vintage teacups & dish ware was a bit of a challenge due to the reflections but I blocked the window that was creating the main distraction. I like to leave in a subtle hint of reflection in surfaces, as it feels more natural in the finished shot. The beautiful rich green colour on the cabinetry was complimented with beautiful vintage inspired brass hardware. I asked Amy to step in to one of the kitchen shots, as I felt the corner needed a bit of life & directed her to open one of the higher cabinets to highlight the storage a bit to give a bit of movement. We finished up with photos of the cozy living space which was styled with colourful accents & funky textiles. Again, I love the use of new & vintage decor. This was such a fun project to capture! Amy's styling talents also shines in this set, which makes a huge impact and compliments any space.