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Why should I invest in photography for my business?

By investing in a photographer, you will have access to premium photos that will level up your marketing materials for your business! Polished images will elevate the look of your social media pages, website and print advertising. This will attract high end clients that you want to work with. Interior images will showcase who you are as a business and how you design. It is important to invest in a photographer that is familiar with capturing interiors as this type of session requires advanced photography & retouching techniques in order to produce images that accurately represent a space. Investing in photography may seem like a high cost upfront, but in return you will be able to use these images to grow your business in new ways.

What type of services do you offer?

I offer photography sessions that can benefit many different industries such as;

  • Interior build & design
  • Interior decorating & staging
  • Luxury vacation rentals
  • Architecture 
  • Commercial properties (businesses, restaurants)
  • Real Estate
  • Editorial & Lifestyle

How long does it take you to photograph a space?

Interior photography is a slow paced, detailed process. Adding/subtracting light, adjusting decor, & determining composition are just a few of the steps I take before the photo is even captured. Full day sessions are common for this type of photography. This is to ensure every aspect of your photo is perfect. One way to describe my approach to interior photography is quality over quantity. 

How much do your sessions cost?

There is no one size fits all rate for commissioning an interior photographer to create images, as each project requires different needs. Custom estimates are made for each inquiry. Interior sessions for commercial use are based on a variety of factors including the project scope, budget & usage of images. 

What is photo licensing?

Photo licensing can be a bit confusing if you have never hired a professional photographer to capture images for your business! Licensing is the industry standard method for how artists sell their work photos for advertising purposes. This license means you have obtained permission from the photographer to use the photo in certain formats. I create custom licenses to fit your marketing needs & budget. Social media, website, editorial, print collateral & digital ads are just a few examples of how your business may want to use the images. This license does not mean you own the image or the copyright, it means you will be able to use the image for the agreed upon terms between you and the photographer. Think of it this way; When you purchase a song on iTunes you do not own the song, you have only purchased the rights to listen to it for personal use. Pricing of a license is based the duration & use of images. If you are unsure how the final images will be used, you can purchase a broader license with more usage. This type of license will come at a higher cost due to the extensive use of the photos, so it is important to know how your business may use the final images in your marketing plans.