Orleans Remodel

February 20, 2021

This beautiful full home renovation by Laurie Sprague Designs features timeless design & textiles that will be enjoyed by the homeowners for many years to come. Laurie combined precious heirlooms from the home owners with new pieces to create a a fresh take onto the newly renovated spaces. My favourite piece is the armchair featured in the living room that they recovered with a modern black fabric. The master bedroom retreat made me feel like I was shooting a boutique hotel! The room featured luxe fabrics on the bedding & window treatments with a soft neutral rug. The ensuite certainly didn’t disappoint with a massive soaker tub & fully tiled wall to compliment a double vanity. The dining & living spaces are light & airy filled with unique art pieces. Second bedroom is decorated with a costal vibe that would welcome any guests for a stay. I agree with Laurie’s approach in terms of re-purposing or updating items in your home you already have when re-decorating a space. 

Photography BTS; This house was filled with diffused natural light, which always makes a photographer gal like me happy!  I used minimal artificial lighting on this project, relying mainly on natural light filled with a speedlight/soft box combo as a kicker. This project was photographed in winter, so controlling colour casts coming from outdoors was much easier. During the summer, a green cast from foliage outside can make colours funky. This can be controlled by artificial lighting to overpower the casts.  Camera body was a Nikon D750 with a Nikorr 16-35 Lens + 50mm. 


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